Monday, March 30, 2015

A new road to travel

Sometimes it takes a while to define what exactly your goal is. You may have an idea or a concept of what you'd like to do in life but you're not exactly sure of the details or how to get to your goal. And that's alright. While some really good things have been created over-night, there are a lot of awesome ideas that have taken time to become perfect.

Sewing has been one of my dearest hobbies for years. And that's exactly what it has been; a hobby. I've never had the means or the courage to take it to the next level, even though I've wanted to. But now it seems like it's actually going to happen.

I applied for and was granted a startup grant for new entrepreneurs and I will officially start running my own business on April 1st. Which is just a couple of days away, isn't that crazy! While I plan to do a lot of things through my business, my sewing will all be gathered together under the name of RAILOclothing. I have a website launch coming up in a few days so everything is really new and exciting right now. I will have my own online store and a blog on the website, but until then I'll keep everyone posted on the *Facebook page* and *Instagram*.

Thanks for being a part of my journey so far!


  1. Oh Anna! How great to hear that. A dream came true and it confirms that dreams can go real....
    Good luck.
    And I will take a look in instagram, and in the shop...
    My best wishes...and if you need some collaborations, with ceramic little pieces...let me know ;)

    1. Ibabe - Thank you! This is a step I've been waiting to take for so long. It's scary, yet exciting to think I will have to create (literally, create) my own income from now on. The grant I received is not a big one, but will help me get things started. It's going to take a lot of work but I'm up for it! And I would love to collaborate at some point, once I've found out how things will start rolling. :) Let's stay in touch!

  2. Hyväänen aika! Isoosti onnea ja haluksia!

    Nyt elonjuntumme alkaa olla lopusuoralla, siis se työ...ei niinku muutoon, kait...


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