Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Beginner's easy DIY sleeveless shirt - ready in 1 hour

How to make a sleeveless shirt with your measurements in one hour, using leftover or upcycled material – for beginners.
Making a sleeveless shirt with your own measurements in just one hour? Sounds almost impossible, doesn't it! Well it isn't, and here's how you do it.
You can use any, large enough, jersey material – whether it's upcycled T-shirt pieces or a leftover piece of fabric from earlier projects. In the example I have used leftover fabric but you could even use different pieces for the front, the back and the hip!
Follow the instructions when you sew the seams. If you have an overlocker this is going to be done in no time, but you can use a regular sewing machine as well.
It's up to you whether you want the hip piece to be wide or narrow.
Make sure you fold the piece the right way before sewing. You don't want your seams to be on the outside!
This is the only part that is a little trickier, as the shirt should be a little wider than the hip piece. You may want to pin it before sewing - and use a sewing machine instead of an overlocker in case of making a mistake. (You can overlocke the seam afterwards.)

And it's done! It shouldn't take much more than an hour. And remember - when you are using upcycled or leftover materials there is basically no harm done if it doesn't end up being perfect. You can always find some more fabric and try again!

I am so busy with everything that is going on with my life at the moment. I wish I had more time for blogging, but as I don't, I wanted to share this DIY that I had already posted in my former blog some years ago. (To tell you the truth, this post is a small assignment for a digital marketing class of my business studies...) I have so many exciting things coming up soon! I'm planning on launching my own website with a brand new name for my clothing line, hopefully in January 2015. I hope you will stay with me and follow my journey - I can't wait to show you what I have in mind!


  1. Oh Anna, I think I need five hours :)!! Thank you for your lovely visit!
    Have a wonderful time

    1. Tante Mali - This really is an easy piece to sew, go ahead and try it! :) And the time doesn't really matter as long as you're having fun... Thanks for stopping by again!

  2. Kiitos tästä simppelistä, kivasta ohjeesta! Ostin juuri (odottelen saapuvaksi) ompelukoneen ja tälläpä aloitan harjoitukset :) Ja kyllä, seuraan elämänmatkaasi, hienoa, että lähdit rohkeasti uusille poluille! Työniloa ja opiskeluintoa sinulle!

    1. Saga - Kivaa, kun kävit täällä! Kerrothan, jos ompeluohjeesta oli apua. Tällä on kyllä helppo aloittaa, jos ompelu on ennestään vähän vierasta. Kiitokset!

  3. Of course!!!
    What a great news!!!
    I'm so happy to follow you along your journey!! :) :)

  4. it could take a whole month for me to get it right

    1. Niken - I promise, it won't take a month to finish this piece... :D You can always ask me if you have trouble getting it right! Have a great weekend!

  5. Hi Anna!!!
    I was soooo happy today when I see your post on facebook, and then your comment on my blog!
    I'm so happy for you, you're talented, you're brave and you must have success!:)
    I'm so excited about your logo! I couldn't wait to see it! :)

    And I have a request....can you post more photos of where you live? to my is something like wonderland, and I told my boyfriend that I really would love to visit your country!!!
    Have a noce weekend dear Anna!

    1. beina - Your message made my day, thank you! I really, really appreciate your kind words and I can't wait to tell everyone about all the changes and new ideas. Let's hope I can keep up with the schedule and start my business at the beginning of next year. :)

      I promise I will take some more pictures from around here! Today I have to stay indoors and work during the daylight hours, but I will pick up my camera and go out tomorrow. Too bad the weather forecasts are showing warmer temperatures and rain for next week, so this snow won't last long...

      Enjoy your weekend!


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