Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Yesterday I arranged a photoshoot to update some of my product photos. I've been having trouble getting enough light into my pictures. I had my photoshoot background in my atelier, which is on the backyard side of our house and does not get much natural light during the day at all. I have been thinking about taking pictures outside, but never could quite figure out how to arrange a white background on our yard. Thanks to Instagram I got a great tip on hanging a white sheet on the laundry line. And it works! Hopefully the light will be enough during the winter months as well (living so close to the Arctic Circle the sun is only up for a few hours a day).
This mens shirt available *here*.
This women's shirt available *here*.
So now I've updated about a half of the photos in my shop and will get to the rest of them as soon as I have time. But now I'm off to my lessons again, see you later!

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