Saturday, September 20, 2014


A long time ago (18 years, to be exact) I studied in a school for clothing artisans. I never graduated, though - I changed school and ended up becoming something totally different. But the point is, even back then I didn't like drawing patterns. I thought it was the most boring part of making clothes; having to scale miniature patterns and then make real ones before you could even start working with the fabric. I need to work in a 3-dimensional way to be able to achieve the kind of clothing I see inside my head. My favorite lessons back then were the ones where we had a big piece of muslin that we used to mold a design straight onto the dressmaking doll. And that's how I still create nearly all of my designs.

However, I recently got an inquiry about a custom order. A customer had found a picture of a shirt she liked, and wanted to know if I could make a similar one for her with some alterations. It wasn't the simplest of shirts so I knew I had to make a pattern before sewing.

I still don't like patterns... but as I started creating one with the same technique we used with the muslin, I noticed it's not that bad, actually! But you still won't see me drawing one on a flat piece of paper...

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