Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I know. There's no reason to use hashtags in my blog but I just couldn't figure out a way to express my feelings any better. Last night I started working on another custom order Lauren shirt. There's always something great as well as scary about starting a new project. Will I be able to create a perfect fit for my customer? What if I make a mistake, what if I ruin the material? Well, it wouldn't be a disaster as there are endless sources of material for upcycling - I could just pick up a new one and start again. But it's the perfectionist inside my head that needs to get it right, especially when the material happens to be this gorgeous, velvety soft microfibre heaven. Don't you just love the color?

The next 11 hours of my day are filled with my business studies and my part time job. After that I intend to sew a little bit more, until I go to bed and wake up tomorrow morning to repeat it all over again. Sounds tough, but it isn't. Not for me, because I absolutely love what I'm doing. I'm so close to making my dreams come true and no amount of working hours can scare me off!

Oh, I have to mention; I created a new photo album on my Facebook site. I made it to say thank you to all the wonderful customers I have had so far. Hopefully the album will in time be filled with beautiful pictures of my customers wearing my designs.


  1. Hope some day I can say that I love my work. Now I work 8:30 a day in a work I really don´t like, but as crisis is being long and there are no other opportunities...I have to mantein...After works I try to live, that real one...need some extra time to reopen my etsy shop with new ideas and things...
    Congratulations! And keep on with your dream

    1. ibb - I know so well what you are talking about... I used to live that life and had almost given up on my dreams, I thought it wouldn't be possible (or I let other people convince me it wasn't possible) to create my own job. It was so scary to leave my job of 7 years behind me, not knowing how I would make a living during the next few months. And it took me quite a while to arrange my plans properly and start working on them. My number one goal is to be able to earn my income by working on my business full time. I'm not quite there yet but that's why I'm studying so hard. My part time job is nothing glamorous but it will keep me going until I get closer to my goal. I wish you all the best, my friend! You are such a talented person I am sure you will find your passion and success! :)


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