Monday, September 1, 2014

Giveaway winner + bonus prize

Although it's still August somewhere for a couple of more hours
I figured it was safe to say there would be no new
entries to my made-to-order shirt giveaway.
So I wrote down all the names of the participants,
put them into this beautiful treasure box
I got from my godfather years ago
(by the way, it was made of used matches which
I think is totally brilliant)
and picked a winner.
Iris, you will get some mail from me soon!

As I am considering adding some inspirational photography
to my Etsy shop, I thought I would pick a bonus winner
for one of my nature photographs.
vilukissi is going to receive this file in her e-mail soon!
 (without the 'sample photo' stamp, of course)

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  1. You make my day! Thank You, very much, my friend!


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