Friday, August 22, 2014


Yes, that is the alarm of my cellphone. Yes, it's says 4:40a.m. It's not unusual for me at all to start my day at that hour. When my husband wakes up for his morning shift, I always get up at the same time. I got used to waking up early when I still worked in a factory, doing some industrial sewing with heavy machinery. I had a long commute and I had to be there a little after seven every morning, so there really was no time to sleep in.

Back then waking up at 5 was complete misery. I was constantly tired and frustrated, I had absolutely no energy for anything after work. And I had no passion at all for the work. Every morning I repeated the same routines, thinking it was totally normal not to like your job. I thought everyone hated theirs and that's just the way work is. I was so wrong.

For years I had a dream of doing something I love for a living. It started as a silly idea, a passing thought of "hey, wouldn't it be funny if I could earn my paycheck by doing something fun" and I buried the thought before I even considered it more carefully. I just truly believed it wasn't possible, because you're not supposed to like your job. It took me several years before I realised I can make it happen if I really put my mind into it.

So now I'm finally on my way to having a job I absolutely love. And suddenly I don't mind getting up early anymore. If I sleep until 7 it feels like I have lost a couple of hours of perfectly good time to do something awesome. Sometimes when I go to bed I'm already thinking "I can't wait to get up again", that's how much I enjoy what I'm doing.

Tomorrow it's Saturday, though, so I promised myself I wouldn't get up too early. Maybe at seven...

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