Saturday, August 16, 2014


This month I'm participating in a daily challenge on Instagram,
 each day having a different theme that has something
to do with creative businesses. I've had a lot of fun
doing it - I've also learned a lot about myself and
the dreams and goals for my business. So I thought
it would be nice to share the good feeling by
arranging a giveaway!

If you would like to win a shirt - either mens or women's,
just *click here* for easy access to the giveaway. You have
until the end of August to participate, I will
draw the winner on Sep 1st. He or she will get a custom
shirt made to his/her own measurements with preferred colors!

Even if you don't want to participate in this giveaway,
do take a look at my Facebook page. You will see bits and
pieces of the work I do, giveaways and special prices
for my items.

EDIT: I've decided to accept participants for the giveaway
through this blog as well. If you're not using Facebook
you can participate by becoming a follower of this blog
or subscribing for my posts by e-mail (you can do that
by adding in your e-mail address on the right side
column of this page). When you have either
followed or subscribed, leave a comment to this
post on the comment section below.
And you're in!


  1. En pääse tällä (mieheni) koneella kunnolla facebookiin, ei jaksa pyörittää ja sain paremman tietsikan eilen...ohjelmat huitsinnevadaan, mutta mukana kuitenkin!! Mielenkiintoista, kertakaikkiaan kielenkiintoista juttua sulla nyt meneillään!

    1. vilukissi - Eipä hätää, olin itse asiassa ajatellutkin, että täytyy laajentaa arvontaa tänne blogin puolelle, kun kaikki eivät kuitenkaan halua Facebookia käyttää. Nyt muokkasin niin, että täälläkin voi osallistua. :)

      Juu, kiirettä pitää täällä päässä kaikkien meneillään olevien hommien puitteissa, mutta yritetään pysyä kärryillä! Kiva kun piipahdit!

  2. Hi Anna!!!
    Thank you soooooo much for the comment you left on my blog, you made my day!
    You made a big gift to me, I came to your blog and I find a wonderful giveaway with a fantastic shirt made by you!!!
    Thank youuuu!!!!
    I think I'm gonna follow your blog!
    Have a nice Sunday!

    1. beina - Thanks for stopping by! I thought your blog was great - colorful and filled with fun, and I actually started to follow it, too! I'm glad you like my shirts, let's hope you will be lucky in the giveaway :) Talk to you again soon, I hope!


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